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The AzDATACOM network project is the main component of the “National E-Governance Initiative” project implemented by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies  in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The AzDATACOM project is a network infrastructure for data transmission with coverage of almost all regions of the country..

Aims of the project

  • To increase the potential of the national information and communications infrastructure
  • To meet the ever increasing requirements of state bodies, population and business sectors for ICT services
  • To develop e-governance, one of the most important elements in building an information society
  • To eliminate the digital divide in the country
  • To provide opportunities for use of e-government

Components of the project

This is a joint project of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Nations Development Program. Under the project launched in 2004, the DATACOM network was built in four stages. At the first and second stages, the segment of the network covering Baku, Sumgait cities and Absheron was put into use. Baku-Ganja, Yevlakh-Shirvan, Baku-Astara and surrounding regions of the country were joined to the network in the 3rd and the 4th stages.

Features of the network

Network Services

Expected results of the Project

  • High-speed connection between Baku and other regions
  • Development of Internet and increase opportunities for the use of ICT in all regions
  • Supporting realization of “Financial Services Development” project (connection of post offices to AzDataCom)
  • Development of NGN technology
  • Creating the enabling environment for implementation of distance education, e-commerce, distance business management and other types of progressive activities in order to meet world standards

Structural scheme of the stations of AzDataCom network after expansion

In Baku
In regions

Speed (Kbit/s) Connection fee (AZN)) Price (AZN)
2048 5,00 15,00
3072 5,00 20,00
4096 5,00 30,00
5120 5,00 40,00
6144 5,00 50,00
8192 5,00 60,00
10240 5,00 80,00
VPI 8 VCI 35


Login: user name  

Home and office phone number that you will use for internet

For instance, 8527496

Password: your parole

Last 6 digit of home and office phone number that you will use for internet

For instance, (8527496) 527496

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