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Modern information and telecommunications technologies with its dynamic development potential create great opportunities for new forms of labor and employment before separate enterprises and society as a whole. The range of these possibilities is expanding day by day. The modern essence of information and telecommunication technologies is the presentation of public services in the form of Electronic Government program. Currently, the E-Government program in Azerbaijan is being implemented successfully. Under the program, AzDataCom network -the data transmission network covering the whole territory of the republic was founded and is currently managed successfully, provides internet and data services to individuals and legal entities over the network. The basic principle of the enterprise is the development of services based on new technologies, quality improvement, and  providing services to customers at reasonable prices.

1. To government agencies and corporate clients

AzDataCom has high multiservice network for management of relationship from a single center between branches and the staff of any public and private institutions, banks, enterprises and organizations, any commercial network, warehouses and other large business structures located far from each other. The network based on fiber-optic cables covers the whole territory of the republic. AzDataCom reflects a complete package of services for the establishment of data base network and therby guarantees providing of the following services with high level.

AzDatacom  offers to its users a  service program which is affordable, high-quality and user-friendly. Taking into account the company’s features, our experts will offer  optimal solutions that  will suit you.

We comply with the  following basic principles while working with our corporate clients:

  • Maximum profit and convenience for our customers for the sake of long-term cooperation;
  • Ability and skills of  our employees, individual approach to each client is provided with  high level service;
  • Care  for customers, study and analyze their opinion and requests, to  develop  and introduce a special solution to meet their needs.

2.To phisical persons

Thanks to ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - users can access to the Internet with high speed while talking on the phone. For this, a single line is enough. There are many DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) but the most used is ADSL.(Asymmetric DSL). Asymmetric DSL  is called asymmetric because of different speeds of data transmission..

One of the advantages of ADSL is that there is no need for special lines. POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) is based on so-called existing copper telephone wires connected through. ADSL is the name given to modems not to phone lines.

Structural scheme of the stations of AzDataCom network after expansion

In Baku
In regions

Speed (Kbit/s) Connection fee (AZN)) Price (AZN)
2048 5,00 15,00
3072 5,00 20,00
4096 5,00 30,00
5120 5,00 40,00
6144 5,00 50,00
8192 5,00 60,00
10240 5,00 80,00
VPI 8 VCI 35


Login: user name  

Home and office phone number that you will use for internet

For instance, 8527496

Password: your parole

Last 6 digit of home and office phone number that you will use for internet

For instance, (8527496) 527496

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